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Mastering is the process of preparing your music for commercial and radio distribution. It can involve many components including application of EQ, compression, stereo image adjustment and volume maximisation. In the context of an album, it is also used to gain a cohesive and consistent sound throughout. Mastering is the final stage in ensuring your music plays well on all audio systems from a car stereo, to an iPod or single speaker system to larger sound systems like those found in nightclubs. Mastering can also include preparation of a master CD/DDP for duplication.

Our Online Mastering Rate is $80 AUD per song

Before Submitting your audio files for mastering:

  • Audio tracks should be exported as 24bit, 44.1Khz or 48Khz WAV/AIFF files
  • It is important there are absolutely no effects/compression on the master output buss on export of your audio track
  • Output peak level should be in the green- not in the red- peaking at around minus -6db.
  • If you require a master CD/DDP for duplication, please provide track listings, ISRC Codes and details of any crossfades or specific information for your final product.
  • We recommended you provide approximately 2-3 songs as reference tracks of similar sounding songs that is well produced that replicates the sound you are after.
  • Please place all audio files into a zip file and label clearly with the artist name and song name etc.
  • Upload your files to our server or you may send them to us through DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive ect to

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